Since establishment, we have distinguished ourselves as a reliable partner for impactful socio-economic development, with a niche on empowering women and youth-led enterprises and groups. We have very unique combination of industry skills, gender diverse and inclusive team, and strong leadership capability with very outstanding local knowledge of geopolitical and economic landscape of Uganda, backed with technical expertise and experiences of working across the government, non-profits and private sector - making us capable of taking on complex projects - whether it is implementing a development program, or strengthening capacity of teams - trust us to deliver!.



An empowered society where every woman, youth and children lives free from poverty and social injustices.


To empower the youth and women with the skills and resources they need to alleviate poverty, improve gender equality, and increase socio-economic growth and development.


Capacity Strengthening

We work with local communities and the partner youth and women groups to develop specialized technical assistance and capacity strengthening packages they need to overcome identified constraints, improve organizational efficiencies, strengthen systems and the quality and delivery of services and products, and sustain progress. Our services typically include training and follow-up support, developing strategic plans, and developing or adapting innovative, evidence-based trainings and tools that fill skill and knowledge gaps, meet identified needs, and systematically build local capacity for development.

Project Management

We build on our extensive experience and knowledge of best practices in program design to develop and implement tailored approaches that ensure local ownership and take into account each program’s unique context. We take pride in our ability to design and implement impactful and relevant interventions that meet donor objectives and beneficiary needs and buy-in. Our methodology involves engagement of the women, youth, and other underserved populations in the entire program cycle. We also engage local communities in program design and build their capacity to develop follow-on activities or entirely new programs.

Local Philanthropy

The development landscape is changing, with an increasing number of private- and public-sector actors engaged in solving a myriad of global development challenges - across the Sustainable Development Goals. We apply our technical expertise, knowledge and local philanthropy to provide transformational grants to diverse actors —from local groups of young people and women, to more organized association and organizations, our grants are sometimes the first resource opportunity — because we know how a small grant can be very impactful in transforming local communities improve their economy and wellbeing.

Impact Investing

We are passionate to support entrepreneurship from the early stages, and their nurture ideas with the mentorship, networks and initial financial investments they need to transform their local society. We support diverse local firms, from young entrepreneurs founding  innovative businesses with groundbreaking products and services, to local women entrepreneurs creating immense jobs. By making direct impact investments with our own discrete capital, alongside that of 3rd parties, into apt investment opportunities that generate financial and predefined social returns, we bridge the gap between aid and impact investments in Uganda.